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5 Proven Benefits Of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is undoubtedly one of the best workouts for your body. It burns fat while toning muscles by combining cardio and strength training. Even famous people like the Hadid twins, Adriana Lima, and Ashley Benson vouch for its efficacy and regularly incorporate kickboxing workouts into their own regimens. The workout is renowned not only for its effectiveness but also for how swiftly it changes your physique.

If there’s one thing that sets kickboxing apart from other cardio workouts, it’s the fact that it’s so much fun. You are continually pushing yourself, usually working one-on-one with a trainer to keep you motivated throughout the session, making it the ideal kind of exercise. In fact, before you realize it, your hour-long workout will be over.

Kickboxing, if done right, offers a number of health benefits for people of all ages. Our gym in Silicon Oasis is a great way to start your kickboxing journey.

Continue reading for reasons why you should incorporate kickboxing to your training regimen.

Burn calories

Kickboxing is a high-intensity workout that can help you lose weight. Your heart rate will rise throughout the session, which means you’ll be burning more calories than with any other exercise. On average, you can burn 800–1000 calories in a single session. But the fact is, the number of calories burned is dependent on the intensity levels, your individual characteristics, and your body.

 As kickboxing is categorized as a high-impact workout, one who does kickboxing will burn more calories in a shorter period of time compared to other moderate workouts. A person who weighs 155–160 pounds can burn approximately 370 calories or more during just 25–30 minutes of kickboxing.

If you want to follow the correct kickboxing method and proper diet plans, our gym in Al Barsha might help you. 

Tone your body 

If you are looking to tone your arms, legs, or core, kickboxing is the perfect solution. Kickboxing tightens and tones the entire area of your body, and kickboxers tend to have well-developed muscle mass and a low body fat percentage. The more calories you burn and the more muscles you properly recruit, the more improvement you will see in your overall body composition.

Kickboxing is an excellent cardio workout, which means it also works to tone the body faster than any other workout. Though kickboxing tones the entire body,  it is particularly helpful in toning the belly and those hated love handles. 

Relieve stress

Kickboxing requires constant movement, which helps relieve stress. Research has also shown that boxing exercises can diminish feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger. Whether it’s anger or stress, nothing feels like an absolute stress reliever like punching out. 

You can kick and punch your way to a stress-free zone within minutes of your high-energy, high-intensity kickboxing routine. When you are stressed out, angry or distracted, it can be quite difficult for the body to stay focused and healthy. Kickboxing provides an outlet for getting rid of some of this stress while working to burn calories and make you happier overall.

When you are enjoying a kickboxing session, you won’t be able to think of anything else. It feels like a therapy session. After a few punches and kicks, you will feel like you have kicked out all the bad energy from your life.

Build coordination 

If you are struggling with posture problems and have poor coordination skills, no worries. Through kickboxing, you can strengthen your core and improve your coordination skills. The fast punches and kicks in the kickboxing workout routine will make you focus your energy on executing movements successfully. 

When you are doing kickboxing, you will learn hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, which is very necessary throughout. Kickboxing activates many muscle groups, helping to develop coordination and balance. 

Lacking coordination skills and confidence? The kickboxing training that our gym in Silicon Oasis provides you will guide you to the perfect solution.

Better sleep

Regular exercise has a positive effect on sleep quality and duration. Kickboxing improves sleep, including for people with sleep disorders. If you are someone who is deprived of sleep, it can increase your risk of various diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. 

One way to ensure that you can maximize your sleep, both in quality and quantity, is through consistent exercise. If you want to optimize your health or lose weight, getting good quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do. Getting enough quality sleep improves your mood and ability to think well, and it increases your energy levels too. 

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