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Kickboxing For Women: Be Ready To Punch And Stay Healthy!

Yes, it is now time for women to lead future generations. Time has changed and women are always a step forward in finding their own path. A remarkable change has been witnessed in every field, and women have marked their signature. When it comes to health and fitness, a visible change has been spotted as the number of fitness enthusiasts has increased. If you are a fitness freak, we have something exciting for you! Nitro Gym introduces a new kick boxing program at Al Barsha and Dubai Silicon Oasis for all the women out here. 

What exactly is kickboxing? 

There is an interesting story behind kickboxing. Originally, it was a combat system used by the Siamese Warriors and later converted to a sport. In plain words, we can define kickboxing as a combination of karate and boxing. Even though it is a sport, it isn’t part of the Olympic Games for several reasons. It is also considered a martial art because it includes punching, kicking, and footwork. The significance of kickboxing has risen steeply over the last few years, and the reason is simple. More than a martial art, it is a best practice which has a wide variety of benefits for our body. Our gym in Silicon Oasis has personal yet professional trainers to guide you towards your goal.

Women’s Advantages of Kickboxing

A healthy mind is possible only through a healthy body. Both of these factors are essential for good health. Apart from yoga and meditation, physical exercise is something that has great relevance.

Women are no longer the same; she is no longer just someone who does all of the housework. It is quite amazing and surprising that there is a rise in women getting into kickboxing. Our gym in Al Barsha has great, passionate trainers, especially for women, who guide them properly, bringing out the best in them. Now let’s have a look at the benefits of kickboxing.

Shape your body. 

Who else doesn’t wish for a toned, healthy body? Yes, now it is possible through this workout, which tends to help attain a well-developed muscle mass and a low body fat percentage.  Your legs, arms, glutes, back, and core are all simultaneously strengthened and toned by kickboxing. Throughout the entire workout, you’re moving, which helps you burn more calories and build muscle. This results in fat loss rather than muscle loss!

Helps to melt fat fast. 

The blend of martial arts techniques and heart-pumping cardio makes kickboxing the fastest method to melt fat and burn calories. It is said that about 750 calories can be burned within an hour of kickboxing. Isn’t it really surprising?

Learn self-Defense 

No woman wishes to seek the help of men for their protection. Herein lies the relevance of self-defense. Along with financial stability and emotional independence, women should learn to protect themselves in a dangerous situation. The confidence and energy it offers are of great value.

Release stress and strain  

The best medicine to reduce stress and strain is to engage in some sort of intense physical activity. Kickboxing puts forward a healthy method to relieve all the frustrations and improve your mental health. 

Improves flexibility  

Kickboxing involves a number of standing moves that which facilitate leg balance. It is possible to stretch our legs at a different angle, which helps in acquiring a flexible body. In addition, we are able to counter shifts in weight from one side to the other. 

Improves cardiovascular health  

Kickboxing is classified as high-intensity exercise, and it is the most effective way to improve your cardiovascular health. The risk of diseases such as diabetes, strokes, and heart disease can be reduced by enhancing cardiovascular endurance.

Why choose Nitro? 

  If you are in search of the best kickboxing training for women, you are heading in the right direction. We are provided with luxury facilities. We have our two branches working at Al Barsha and Silicon Oasis. We guarantee your health and assist with personal training for each and every customer in order to give you a 100% satisfied result. 

Nitro Gym is the perfect place for women looking to try kickboxing. There are many classes available, including those for beginners that introduce women to the sport. In addition to kickboxing, we provide unlimited gym access, unlimited Wi-Fi, and three hours of free parking. You can schedule your own time and visit our branch at Dubai Silicon Oasis & Al Barsha, which is open 24/7. 

Then why wait?

Grab your membership today from AED 200 (no joining fee).

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