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5 Low-Impact ways to Stay Fit, According to Trainers

If you’re new to this fitness journey, getting back on track, or have concerns as your doctor tells you to take care of the joints, low-impact exercises are a perfect way to stay fit. 

Low-impact exercise is easier on your body—the joints will thank you. It can also be a great way to get in a heart-pumping workout without bothering too much about injuries. 

Doing low-impact workout; beneficial or not? 

It’s a common misconception among people that only high-impact workouts will burn calories. In fact, low-impact workouts can be just as efficient as high-impact ones. Exercises like swimming put only less stress on the joints and muscles and are mostly recommended to people trying to get back on track after an injury. 

Typical high-impact exercise programs make you balance intense workouts with rest days that allow the body to recover. On the other hand, low impact workouts put less stress on the body, reducing the need for rest days. One can remain consistently active throughout the fitness journey. 

Apart from physical benefits, doing low impact workouts has mental benefits as well. Studies show that something as simple as walking or swimming for just one to two hours every day decreases the chances of depression, reduces anxiety, gives you energy, and boosts your mood. 

5 workouts to slay the day 

Here are seven low impact workouts to get you sweating like hell while keeping the pressure off your precious joints. But wait! Talk with the physical trainer to double check safety. Nitro Gym in Silicon Oasis is a well-equipped gym with personal and general sessions, and the trainers are all supportive and take care of all your fitness needs. 


Walking is by far the most popular yet effective low-impact workout because one can do it anytime and it is a stress-free way to get moving; simply wear your favorite pair of shoes and start moving your legs. And with a little hustle, you can burn a lot of calories. There are plenty of ways to increase the intensity of your workout. Hit the hills, add resistance, or hold hand weights to make it a heart pumping workout. 


Another type of exercise that provides a total-body strength and cardio workout is rowing. This low-impact workout gives joints a much-needed break. Because it’s a kind of resistance exercise done in a seated position, you’re not putting as much pressure on knees and back. 

If you’re looking at it as an aerobic exercise to replace something like jogging or running, then you can do the rowing machine for half an hour and get a great cardio workout. It’s recommended to consult a personal trainer before moving on to something different. Nitro Gym in Al Barsha has qualified personal trainers to guide you throughout the fitness journey. 


Pilates is a popular low-impact workout that is effective for toning up and strengthening muscles while improving posture and flexibility. It may help with recovery from back and other injuries by strengthening the affected area. If you’re restricted by a doctor for any reason, make sure you’re strong and stable before progressing to more challenging workouts.


Walking on a treadmill is a wonderful low-impact exercise that one can do daily, and it won’t put any added strain on your joints. Regularly walking on a treadmill will improve the balance over time. With improved balance, it is less likely to fall and hurt yourself, and you’ll keep your bones strong and healthy. Walking will actually ease stiffness and allow the joints to get relubricated. 


Cycling offers a similar intensity workout like running, but without the stress on the joints. Whether you opt for a stationary ride or ride on a traditional bicycle, the muscles, heart, and lungs will cry with thrill at the intensity of cycling. 

One can start cycling with little or no investment, especially if they have access to a stationary bike. But if you want to get serious, you’ll need to invest a little bit (such as buying a helmet and padded shorts). Riding with the seat too high, too low, too forward, or too back can injure joints. So make sure it is comfortable to avoid any injuries. 

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