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5 Fitness Mistakes to avoid to go from beginner to winner

Fitness and workouts, like our life, are full of trials and errors. No matter what your fitness level is, there will be some exercises that perfectly suit your needs. From a low-impact workout to lifting weights, you can find an exercise that you can enjoy to the fullest. After all, if you are a complete beginner and have no experience, how do you find where to begin? 

Unfortunately, because of this lack of experience, many beginners tend to make fitness mistakes that hinder their progress. More often, they make mistakes that prevent them from getting the most out of their workouts. It’s recommended that you consult your personal trainer before making a workout decision on your own. Nitro Gym in Silicon Oasis has fitness experts who can customize your workout plans depending on your fitness goal. 

Here are five mistakes that you all should avoid to make your fitness journey smoother. 

Doing too much 

In today’s “everything or nothing” society, it’s quite common for beginners to overdo workouts straight out of the gate. Muscle building or fat burning is not as difficult as you think. Too often, people overwork themselves, which results in negative consequences. When you do too many workouts at the beginning stage, your performance will decrease, leading to muscle soreness, and risk of serious injuries. You might feel that doing too much workout can help reach your fitness goal faster, but the fact is that it might have an opposite effect. 

Setting long-term goals 

Setting a fitness goal is vital to your success. But setting a long-term goal can set you back. Set goals that you can meet based on the fitness level and goals. Trying to tackle some long-term goal all at once can exhaust yourself, willpower, time and energy. You will get a lot of frustration because it takes so long to reach your goals. 

If you are a beginner, you may feel discouraged by your lack of improvement. Instead of taking long term goals into action, try setting short term goals that you can achieve. So that after reaching your goal, you feel confident and increase your self-esteem which results in achieving more goals in the future. These smaller goals will boost your confidence at higher levels as you complete them while allowing you to create new ones.

Ignoring proper nutrition 

No matter how intensely you train, you won’t get the fruitful result you dreamed of if you don’t give your body the fuel to grow. Dreaming of becoming stronger or building muscles? Make sure to consume adequate protein, carbs, and water. Give yourself the appropriate nutrients to keep the body healthy while limiting the amount of unhealthy foods you consume.

The nutrition plans might vary for each individual depending on their body type and fitness goals. That means, the diet plans of a bodybuilder will be very different from those of a person who just wants to shed some extra pounds. You can get in touch with the personal trainers at the gym in Al Barsha to get your diet plans exclusively customized depending on your fitness level. 

Not tracking anything 

If you don’t track anything, you might feel that you’re making no progress at all. Tracking can show you which exercises are really good for you and which are less successful.

Keep track of everything in your workout: what workouts you did, how many reps you did, the weight you lifted, and more. By tracking how much you’re lifting and how many times, you can clearly see your progress as it happens. Also, track your physique by taking regular photos and measuring your bodyweight. This will help you know about your ups and downs and give you a clear picture of your progress level. Last but not least, it also serves as motivation to exercise and lift more than you have done before. 

Not having rest time 

Rest days are an important part of any workout program. They give the body a chance to repair and recover and help prevent injuries to a great extent. Regular exercise without taking a rest day can result in mental and physical exhaustion. Without a rest day, muscles, joints, and other important structures of the body do not have enough time to repair themselves, which hinders progress. The rest period is going to help you expend maximum effort, which is key to the muscle-building process.

These mistakes may seem minor for you, but they can highly affect your progress. Next time you’re working out, make sure that you avoid these common mistakes to maximize your workout and get fruitful results.

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