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Kickboxing: Punch the pounds away. 

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might have heard about kickboxing and its various benefits. As the name suggests, kickboxing is a striking style that includes punches and kicks. It focuses on striking, and no ground fighting is involved. Other than standard punching techniques, kickboxing techniques typically include kicks and knee strikes. Some kickboxing styles involve elbow strikes, some grappling and even headbutts. 

Kickboxing is generally practised for a variety of reasons. Beyond kickboxing competitions, it is good for overall fitness, toning, self-defense, weight loss, and many more. Our gym in Silicon Oasis has experienced trainers who train kickboxing in a professional way, making the process comfortable for anyone.

A Beginner’s guide to Kickboxing

Whether you are looking to increase strength, confidence, coordination, or you are after a powerful cardio workout, kickboxing is the perfect answer. The benefits of kickboxing aren’t limited to burning calories or building muscles. It also improves balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Setting a personal goal is mandatory before you begin your kickboxing journey. You can decide what you are after, like whether you just want to burn calories and stay fit, whether you want to participate in real competition, or whether you want to be healthy. Whatever it is, you should have a personal goal.

Once you have decided on your goal, you should find the perfect gym and trainer. Nitro Gym will be the perfect solution for that. Kickboxing at our gym in Al Barsha will sort out all your concerns and confusions.

Kickboxing can be more intense than any other normal workout. The training sessions may challenge your body, so if you are very concerned about your fitness level and limitations, you can consult your doctor before beginning. 

Eating well and practising meditation is a good idea to begin with kickboxing. Carbohydrates are a great source of energy. Fueling up before a workout by eating 6 to 10 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight will maintain your blood sugar levels and keep up your muscles’ energy stores. Eating plenty of particular foods before working out improves your performance and helps you trim down faster.

 Drink water before, during, and after your workout because hydration is very important before kickboxing or any other workout. Meditation is also good as it will improve your attention and focus, making your kickboxing workout more beneficial. 

The Benefits of Kickboxing 

Have you ever been so angry that you felt like punching something so hard? Maybe took your aggression out on a pillow or a comfy bed. Though the action made you satisfied at the moment, there is another way to keep your stress and anxiety away: Kickboxing. Kickboxing is well known for its benefits to mental health, especially as a stress reliever in a safe way. You can kick and punch your way to a stress-free zone. It doesn’t only relieve your stress, but it’s a great body workout for weight loss, toning your body, and getting you in shape fast.

Exercise and martial arts have been connected to improving self confidence. Self-confidence plays an important role inkickboxing. Doing kickboxing on a regular basis helps you release endorphins, which will make you feel more confident. Endorphins will put you in a positive mood even after several hours of workout. On another note, kickboxing may help improve reactive and anticipatory balance. This, in turn, could reduce your risk of falls as you age.

It’s no secret that regular exercise can help you lose weight. Kickboxing provides an aerobic exercise that helps burn calories and can help you lose weight faster. Muscle and fitness magazine reports that kickboxing can burn over 800 calories per hour, resulting in losing weight faster. 

The thing is that one should take all the precautions before doing kickboxing as the risks of injuries are very high. Our gym in Silicon Oasis has professional experts to help you with kickboxing techniques.

Kickboxing for women 

Kickboxing not only allows women to reduce fat, tone and strengthen their bodies, but it is a great self-defense tool. Kickboxing for women offers a great overall body workout that helps women lose weight. Through a series of kicks, punches and other movements, it also helps with toning your overall body. Because kickboxing is a full-body workout, women can also increase their cardiovascular fitness, improve coordination, burn calories, and increase their flexibility.

Kickboxing for women may be used as an effective self-defense method. The trainers at Nitro Gym, focuses on teaching punches, kicks, weaving, bobbing and knee-ups, which are very important for women these days for self-defense.

Beyond all the physical benefits, kickboxing also offers many mental benefits for women. Once you start with kickboxing training, you will gain the confidence and courage to go further.

Kickboxing and weight loss. 

If you are someone looking to burn some extra pounds faster, or if no workout is making you lose weight, kickboxing might help you. You can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time if you decide to put in the effort during a kickboxing workout.

Doing kickboxing consistently for an hour at a moderate intensity can help you burn lots of calories. You can burn even 700 calories or more in a single session, which is great news for all you fitness freaks. Isn’t it great when you can achieve a healthy weight and obtain new skills simultaneously?

Kickboxing at Nitro Gym

We invite both men and women to kickboxing training at our gym in Silicon Oasis. We promise that our kickboxing instructors will instill confidence and ease in you.

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