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A Sound Body via Sound Food Journal

A journal is the best tool to carve yourself out, and it is really helpful to maintain a sound life. But most people neglect or forget to keep a food journal. Research shows that many people’s New Year’s resolutions are to keep a healthy diet and maintain a proper physique, and it is really sad that many of them drop their resolutions only because of a lack of proper planning. Therefore, one has to keep a food journal that can reflect food hygiene. Undoubtedly, food journals are an essential tool for keeping a record of what you eat and drink throughout a day as a way to keep yourself on track.

Many questions will arise in our mind while planning to maintain a healthy diet. Such as

– How can I achieve a proper, healthy diet?

– What kind of diet should I follow according to my body type?

– Am I a gluttonous being?

– How often do I exercise?

– Am I eating fast food each day?

– Am I eating nuts, vegetables, and fruits properly?

– How often do I use beverages?

To ease your doubts, the team experts at Nitro Gym in  Dubai Silicon Oasis and Al Barsha , list out here the five reasons to maintain a food journal.

              To Create Self Awareness :-

Knowing yourself is an integral part of a diet journey. By this, we simply mean to find out your “hamartia,” or tragic flaw, which hinders you from keeping a healthy diet. A proper awareness of yourself, including negative and positive food habits, will definitely help to reach towards the goal. Apart from this, you can list out your likes and dislikes. If  writing down every single thing that you eat and drink is done on a daily basis, you will be startled and stunned by what you ingest on a daily basis. The more aware one becomes, the more likely they will be to avoid eating foods that are not good for their wellbeing in the future.

It can help lose weight by planning properly:-

“An hour of planning can save 10 hours of doing”, said Dale Carnegie. It seems evident, doesn’t it? It is very important to keep track of what you are consuming in order to lose  or gain weight if you want to do so. But unfortunately most of us fail to maintain a food journal. As a result, one may be able to make the necessary changes in the diet that will catalyze the weight loss or weight gain process that they are striving for.

To aware about calorie intake :-

In terms of energy, calories are a measure of the amount of energy contained in a particular food or drink. Food journals help to control how many calories are in the food one eats and control the portion of food accordingly. It is possible to calculate calories very quickly and accurately by recording the food you eat and its amount in your journal.

To identify food sensitivities :-

Not all bodies are the same. They are varied according to different criteria such as age, flexibility, diseases, other physical conditions etc. For example, some may be gluten allergic, others may be allergic to shell food etc. A person can easily diagnose these problems with the help of a food journal and they can classify food as per that particular individual’s needs and body type. This will help to discover whether there are items you may be intolerant to and should be limited or avoided in your diet.

To plan exercise according to diet :-

Food journals are more beneficial to plan your exercises. It will uncover hidden dietary patterns and help track workouts and achieve a healthy body. Unplanned exercises contrary to the food intake can cause more harm than good to the body. So it is important to maintain an accurate food journal and should plan exercises appropriately.

In a nutshell, keeping a food journal is a mind blowing practice. Usually these journals are advocated by dietitians, doctors, and healthcare professionals. You can visit the gym in Al Barsha or DSO and choose a free trial pass to experience what it is like to be a member at Nitro Gym. That will guide you to ecstasy!

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