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Best Strength Training Exercises for the Upper Body: The Workout of All Time 

It’s important to strengthen the upper body for a variety of reasons, and it is pretty sure we all wish we could be stronger. As individuals, we rely on it to perform practical tasks, such as lifting heavy objects, reaching beyond our reach, or carrying things that are heavy. We all lose muscles at some point in our lives. Investing in an upper-body strength workout can help us build muscles as we age. So why waste your precious time dreaming about working out? Get in touch with the personal trainers at Nitro Gym in Silicon Oasis to get a customized workout plan for upper body strengthening. Don’t worry; the trainers can create a routine based on your goals and body type. 

Mentioned below are the four strength training exercises for the upper body that professional experts at the gym in Al Barsha and Silicon Oasis recommend. Make sure to begin with a weight that you are comfortable with; try not to overdo it or underdo it. 

Bench press 

Bench press is one of the best exercises that can strengthen upper body muscles, including arms, shoulders, and chest. It involves lying relaxed on a bench and lifting dumbbells or barbells to shoulder height. When you do a bench press, you lower the weight down to chest level and then extend your arms during the exercise and press the weight upwards. This counts as one rep. 

While trying to incorporate bench press into the routine, don’t overdo it. Instead, try to do it 2–3 times per week. It is important for your body to rest as your muscles need time to recover. If you are using very heavy weights, doing just 3–4 reps, up to 3 sets may be enough to get the desired result. It’s not only that this workout works well for upper body strengthening, but it can offer various health benefits, including increased bone density. 

Overhead press 

Another top workout to strengthen upper body muscles is the overhead press, also called a shoulder press. By doing this workout, you’ll definitely experience a full body workout, but the most noticeable changes will be a bigger and stronger upper body. 

In simple terms, we can say that “overhead press is simply a movement in which weight is pushed above the head.” One can do this exercise in many ways, like using both hands simultaneously or using one hand at a time. You should either keep your elbows directly underneath your wrists or slightly inward so that you are able to produce maximum force at this angle. Because of the virtually limitless potential for incremental strength improvements, the overhead press is a popular choice for developing muscle.

Bent over row 

This workout is performed by grasping dumbbells with an overhand grip and making the torso parallel to the floor by bending forward. Then Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull the weight up to your neck. Try not to use heavy weights as a beginner, as the chances of getting injured are high. 

The key to a proper bent-over row is maintaining a straight back throughout your workout, says Pierson. “It’s very, very dangerous to have unsupported spinal flexion.” It’s also important to keep your shoulders pulled down and back throughout the movement to make the workout less complicated. There are many variations of the bent-over row one can perform. So it’s recommended to consult a personal trainer to begin your strength training journey. 

Dumbbell Chest fly

The dumbbell chest fly is an upper-body strengthening exercise that can help to strengthen the chest and shoulders. The exercise is performed by lying on the floor and holding two dumbbells above your chest, then lowering your arms at your sides, down to the floor. 

If you’re a beginner in strength training exercises, it’s strongly recommended to start with a light dumbbell weight of approximately 2 to 5 pounds. If you’re more advanced at upper-body workouts, try using 7–10 pound weights instead. Try to slowly increase weight as you become more advanced. There are several variations to chest flies other than the dumbbell chest fly: traditional chest fly, incline bench chest fly, and standing chest fly. 

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